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The all-in-one mobile service business platform that automates your scheduling, fleet tracking, payments, chats, client feedback and more.

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Mobile services businesses that are looking to offer the ondemand booking and fleet dispatching experience for their clients and team members. From dog walking, to mobile tutoring, massage therapy, personal training, pool cleaning, house cleaning and more – with the connected business dashboard, customer app and team app your business will practically run itself.






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Handlr is free for business owners

No monthly subscription and no setup fees. If your clients would like to use the Handlr app, they pay a small service fee. Want to absorb the fee for your clients? No problem. You can set your pricing so that it fits your business.

What Handlr can do for you

Automate your schedule

Old school scheduling requires you to approve and assign jobs. Modern ondemand scheduling is smart enough to know the complexities of your business’ logistics, routes and team member availability so that you can offer your clients ondemand booking.

Manage & track your team

Know where your team is at all times and have the confidence to bring on more team members. GPS track your team with check-in & check-out time stamped notifications so you know exactly when the job gets done. Map your team’s routes to give yourself and your clients peace of mind.

Be in the loop with 3-way chat

Say goodbye to relaying hundreds of messages and requests. With three-way chat, your client and team member phone numbers will be hidden, but they will still be able to keep in contact. Your team can share photos and updates with you and your clients to ensure high quality service.

Automatic mobile payments

Never create or send another invoice again. Get paid on time, every time. Once the job is checked out of by your team member, your customer is notified and automatically charged at the end of the week for all completed services. They receive an in-app and email receipt.

Rating, reviews & tips

Inaccurate ratings can ruin your business. Make sure your clients are happy with each and every service by giving them the opportunity to easily rate, review and tip your team members. This gives you an accurate overview of your team’s performance and your clients’ happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No problem at all. Your clients can opt out of using the app, or you can set your service prices up so that you absorb the app service fee. For clients that opt out of the app, they can be added to your client list on your dashboard for free and you will still be able to schedule them and charge them for completed services automatically.

Every business is different and we made sure to make Handlr extremely customizable to fit your unique business model. When setting up your business dashboard you are able to customize your different service offerings, booking policies and cancellation policies. If you ever have any questions on how to fit Handlr to your specific business needs, our Onboarding Specialists are always available to help you optimize your business dashboard. 

 The last thing that business owners need is another monthly subscription for a standard scheduling software. Handlr is a new concept based on modern ondemand apps. Just like Airbnb and Opentable, we offer business owners a tool to run their business efficiently and offer their clients the ondemand app experience that people expect in busy modern times. Our goal is to empower business owners with the same mobile technology that huge app companies use to power their operations. By giving business owners powerful tools and only picking the best of the best businesses to use them, we are harnessing the power of automated word-of-mouth. If you are the top dog walker in the area, you likely know the top massage therapist, car detailer and pool cleaner. If everyone is using the Handlr app then your clients can see the complementary services and handle their whole busy life in one place. Clients pay a small app service fee for the convenience of being able to book ondemand, GPS track their service providers coming in and out of their home, pay instantly with their credit cards and be able to find new services to book. 

Old school scheduling software still requires a lot of manual work and time. Clients have to request the dates and times that they want, and then the manager has to figure out which route is best and who it should be assigned to. Handlr is smarter than the person doing the scheduling. Handlr is completely automated because it knows all of the complexities and variables of your complicated mobile service business. When setting up your services, you decide how long a service takes, how much time you need in between jobs, how ondemand you want your booking policy to be, what your cancellation policy is, who can perform which services, whether or not it’s a single service or group service, whether or not it’s recurring, who performed the service last for the client and whether or not that person is already booked, when your team member’s can work and which zip codes they provide services in. It displays this availability on the customer app so that your clients can book from your open time slots. If they don’t see the date and time they need, they can request it. Once it’s booked – boom! Your team member is notified and the appointment shows up your master schedule, your team member’s app and your clients app. With this three way system, no appointment is ever missed and no scheduling miscommunication is made. It’s all just easy and automated. 

Once you’ve set up your business dashboard, you can add your team members. Once their profile has been created, Handlr will automatically send them an invite to download their team app with their login details. As soon as they’ve been booked for an appointment, they will be notified and the appointment will show up on their schedule. 

Once your business dashboard is all set up with your team members and availability, you can send out a customer invite blast. Simply upload your client list, edit your invitation to download the app, and then blast it out to all of your clients. As soon as they download and register on the app, they will start to populate in your customer list. All of their up to date information and credit card details will be stored on your business dashboard. They can book ondemand or you can set up their existing recurring scheduled appointments on your master schedule. 

Our platform’s safety and security is our number one priority. Your clients’ information is safe on your business dashboard and all payment information is encrypted and stored with Braintree. Braintree is a Paypal company who is our credit card processing partner. 

Your client list is your biggest asset. Handlr only displays the necessary instructions and notes that your clients’ display to get the job done. Your clients and team members will be able to chat with one another through the three-way chat that does not display phone numbers. This way, you will be able to see and respond to all chat messages and they will be able to communicate without the need to share phone numbers and cut you out of conversation. 

Yes, you can upload your service contract to your business dashboard and it will automatically show up on your client app. When clients book a service, in order to confirm a booking, they must agree to your business’ terms and conditions. 

No, you can use Handlr to manage your own schedule. We highly recommend starting your business using a powerful platform like Handlr because it will help you put the systems and framework in place to be able to grow quickly. 

No, we have unlimited users. You can add 20 team members or 200. You can have 30 customers or 3,000. Handlr is built to scale with your business as it grows. You can add as many employees or contractors as you need to. 

You can create as many business dashboards as you’d like on Handlr. You can also manage as many service zip codes as you need to. If you are interested in white-labeling Handlr for your franchise, we also have this option available as well. With the franchise white-label option, you will be able to customize branding and features, and have a high level dashboard that oversees all franchise locations.