4 Office Hacks to Keep the Creativity Flowing

  1. Get a Whiteboard, Any Board

    Visualization is so important to help conceptualize ideas and sometimes, an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper just won’t cut it. Drawing out your thoughts on a greater scale that’s quickly presentable to your colleagues helps everyone understanding your thought process. It’s also more efficient in hashing out possible contingencies and with a good whiteboard eraser, anyone can jot down ideas as fast as the conversation is going, have a look into some of the new whiteboards from WRITEY. Changing the way people use whiteboards.

  2. Find a New Playlist

    Music makes you think more creatively – plain and simple. According to an article on bufferapp.com, “moderate noise levels increase processing difficulty which promotes abstract processing, leading to higher creativity.” Simply stated, if we distract our brains just a bit more, it’ll push itself a bit harder and find new approaches to understanding the work at hand.

  3. Mobile Office Day

    The day-to-day environment of being inside the same four walls can get you stuck in the same mindset. It may be time for a change. It is always a good start when you think out of the box and go for a different approach. For example, some people may opt into finding steel storage containers from Southwest Mobile as a way of creating a productive mobile office environment. You may find that this is the ideal solution for you.

    Even if you run a smaller business, it could even look into sites like https://www.conexwest.com/blog/build-living-space-steel-shipping-container-first-steps in the hopes of buying a steel shipping container that you could turn into an office. If you’re the sort of person that likes to switch things up a bit, this option may be worth looking into.

    Throwing yourself into a fresh setting or location will push your mind to reconceptualize ideas as new influences come into play. Go outside, catch some sun, feel the breeze on your face! At Handlr Headquarters, we like having our meetings on a hike or during a fencing lesson, no big deal.

  4. Wine

    Need we say more? Dealing with a task that you just can’t solve is frustrating as it is. And, acknowledging the frustration can push you deeper into the spiral of frenzy. It’s all going to be just fine. Now, although we don’t condone excessive amounts of alcohol consumption, letting loose over a glass of wine can increase your creativity. Don’t believe us? In a study titled, “Uncorking the muse: Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving,” it stated, “Moderate intoxication … improves problem-solving and leads to what participants in the Consciousness and Cognition study referred to as ‘sudden insights,’ which the sober participants reported significantly less often” (Vinepair) Boom.

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