5 Morning Rituals for Increasing Productivity at Work

1. Workout

Does the sound of working out in the morning make you want to burrito wrap yourself up even tighter in your blanket? Don’t fear human burrito, hearing some facts about getting up and going in the morning might persuade you:

  • Gyms are much less crowded in the morning so when you’re wandering to find those dumbbells, you’ll actually get them. You may even want to get some slam balls to work out with too as part of your morning routine.
  • Get your blood going and your mind stimulated in the morning means you’ll come into work (or your next activity) more focused.
  • If you find yourself in front of a computer screen all day, squeezing it a good workout in the morning will increase your metabolism and burn more calories.
  • Go into work in a better mood. There’s no mistake, working out kicks up your endorphin levels so when that angry customer comes right at you with a complaint, you’ll tackle it like a piece of cake.
  • It doesn’t even have to be a full-blown workout routine. If the gym isn’t your happy place, perhaps you’ll find it in a morning power walk, yoga session, or run around your neighborhood.

2. Create to-do Lists

Here at Handlr Headquarters, we love using Asana. It’s a user-friendly way of organizing all the tasks at hand. Everyone knows what to do and when they’re due, no questions about it. Asana will even send you reminders of upcoming tasks just to make sure you don’t forget. When you check tasks off the list, you might even see a rainbow unicorn — really.

3. Silence is Golden

Tackling a busy day at work is no easy task when your phone is dinging and emails are incoming. Refer to your Asana list, see your top priorities, focus, and tackle. When you have to turn on the, “heads down and work” mode, it’s not a bad idea to turn your phones and gadgets on “do not disturb” to help focus on the task at hand.

4. Declutter like your mother

Making sure your workspace is clean and organized will not only get you feeling motivated, but it will lessen the amount of distractions in your vision. Maybe even dash around your workspace with your wet dry vac just to ensure you’re working in a clean environment and are keeping on top of any dust, dirt, or general messiness lying around the floor. Once you’ve created some extra space, think about what you could add that might improve your productivity. How about some foliage? Moss walls look great in an office. Why not check out phs Greenleaf who design and install moss walls! They have numerous health benefits, especially if your job means that you’re stuck inside all day.

5. Don’t answer your phone/emails in the morning

Memory & Speed-Reading Expert, Jim Kwik suggests to not respond to emails first thing after waking up. It sets you in the mindset of tending to others rather than yourself. Don’t worry, those notifications aren’t going anywhere. They’ll still be there after you’ve dedicated some time to yourself.

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