Personal Training Business Resource: ECA World Fitness

Who is ECA?

ECA World Fitness is an international organization and association representing the fitness and wellness community. ECA started their roots back in 1991 and is the undisputed leader for innovative and quality programming. ECA’s reputation for integrity is well known and has earned respect and trust for delivering win-win relationships with all of its partners. To learn more about who the ECA is, or more specifically who the faces are behind the company, take a look into the executive board, including Andrea Agnelli and Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

What does ECA World Fitness offer?

ECA offers a wide array of resources to industry professionals from personal trainers, hybrid trainers, to yoga instructors. They offer workshops, seminars, online events, continuing education and webinars, resource materials, networking opportunities and a wide array of individual member benefits, including their claim to fame, and annual conventions, which are legendary throughout the industry.

Why ECA?

The personal fitness community is a competitive space and when it comes to searching for the right tools to support your mobile business and clients, ECA World Fitness has a strong reputation for over delivery. Be apart of their vast network, gain insight on industry trends, expand your knowledge and connect with like-minded people.

For more information on ECA, visit their site here.

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