Keeping customer appreciation easy and cheap

Creating a solid customer core is a vital part of business. Customer appreciation can be difficult to execute, but it’s absolutely not something to be ignored. We’ve compiled some easy and cost-effective ways to give back to your clients and instill confidence in your customer base.

Prove your worth with photos

With Permission from your customer, take photos of them in the moment of satisfaction. Real customers seeing real customers happy with your service is the best guarantee of more business.  Our founder, Britt Alwerud has required her DogZenergy employees for years to take photos of her clients dogs and send them throughout the day. Nothing works better to ease the mind of current and future clients than seeing happy pups on the go.

Giveaway branded swag

Everyone loves free stuff! In a recent survey, 58% of respondents reported that they keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years. Who is your primary customer? What type of product might they find fun or helpful? Live near the beach? Offer free, branded beach towels for free marketing space on the sand. Cut hair for a living? Offer your clients branded combs and brushes to remind them of your service every time they wash up.

Social Media Shout Out

Keep an eye on dates important to your customers. Post a happy birthday photo or message when your client’s big day arrives. Send best wishes to all every holiday and post congratulations when a customer has a big life event. This will keep you in the feed of both your clients and their friends.

Party On!

Everyone loves a party. If you have the space or can rent it on the cheap, put together a party with some music, free food and entertainment. You’ll be surprised how many people will show up for a slice of pizza and a good time. This will establish you as more of a friend to the community rather than faceless business.


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