How to increase your confidence as a business leader

Extruding confidence is a critical part of leadership. In every part of being a business owner, from driving business to leading employees, confidence plays an integral role. Most employees and customers expect confidence from the owner of a business yet, there’s no guarantee that you’re confident in your ability to manage everything simply because you’re the CEO or you’ve launched a business.

Michael Hyatt brings this point to his blog that taking steps to instill confidence in yourself is a critical part of “kicking fear to the curb:”

“Challenges are a constant, but confidence is not. It comes and goes. And I find I’m usually on the low end right on the front end. I experience the greatest doubt and anxiety at the start of something big. Whether it’s good or bad, I’m usually fine once I’m going. But until then, I’m like the person on the tip of the high dive, overlooking way too much blue. Here’s the problem: If you’re a leader, jumping isn’t optional. You have to go—and you have to go first.”

What should you do when it’s time to “jump” and you just don’t have the confidence? Sell yourself on the idea of confidence just like you might sell your service to a prospective client. Ask yourself what got you to the position you’re in. Are you offering solutions to your clients that solve major problems in their lives? Are you in a unique position to help others improve their lives? Focus on what makes you such a great answer to your clients problems. Boil your motivation down to these essential questions and revisit it when you’re facing challenges that require a confidence boost to power through.

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