Find your business tagline with these simple steps

When we think of marketing our business, we often focus on complex email strategies, high-priced social media campaigns, and big budget Ad placement. It’s easy to forget about some of the most basic forms of marketing, and even easier to forget how important they can be. One such facet of business marketing is the tagline. Taglines are typically 5-10 words that summarize what makes your business unique. Think “Just do it” from the brand that makes those sneakers you’re wearing right now. Or “can you hear me now?” from that cell phone brand that’s in your pocket. Creating a clever tagline like these seems simple enough until you start. Just 5 words to explain why your business is unique? Impossible! Fear-not because we are here to guide you to your new found tagline with just a few simple steps.



  • Step 1. Get out some paper. Identify buzz-words that Lend themselves to what your business does, and why that’s different. Think outside the box and don’t throw anything away. No ideas are bad ideas at this point.

  • Step 2. Combine some of those words. Still don’t throw anything away, but try putting some of those words together and see what could/ can be used in the same sentence.

  • Step 3. Put them away and come back in a week or two.

  • Step 4. By the time you come back, crossing off your list will be much easier. Some of the words will seem plain stupid while others might jump out at you. Circle those.

  • Step 5. Cross some off and consolidate your list. Keep the best words and best phrases. Now take the list to friends, family and everyone in between so see what’s popular.

  • Step 6. Make the switch (Kind of). Treat this as a ‘beta test’. Tell some of your bust customers, suppliers and partners that you’re making the switch or adding the tagline. See what kind of reactions you receive.

  • Step 7. Get it out. Make it a part of all your marketing. Once you select a tagline, don’t change it without serious thought.  People are associating it with your company. It will take a tremendous amount of marketing to make it part of your business. Any change will take at least twice that amount of effort.

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