7 Awesome Podcasts for Business Owners On the Go

Here at Handlr we LOVE podcasts. They are such a great way to ease that morning commute, distract yourself at the gym, or learn something new. podcasts can be an invaluable resource when operating your own business. There are so many entrepreneurs sharing inspiring stories of success and failure for you to learn from.

Whether you are looking at buying tesco shares, or thinking of launching a start-up, the lessons to be learned from these podcasts are invaluable. Say you have a small business with a decent product that you would like to sell on e-commerce platforms. You can look for information and ideas by searching for a finance blog or podcast that can help you to obtain your initial funding. From broad stories of entrepreneurial journeys to specific subjects that will answer your most narrow questions; you’ll constantly be surprised with what you learn listening to podcasts.

Some people may think that starting a podcast is hard work. However, with the right guide, or step-by-step understanding of the process of building a podcast you can easily crack it. And also with a lot of things, you don’t have to do this alone, especially as it can be as simple as finding a service that helps to launch podcasts. But for now, if you haven’t joined the podcast train yet, we’ve taken the time to put together a list of our favorites to get you started!

How I Built This

This is a great starting point for any small business owner. Produced by NPR, How I built this has an exceptional quality in terms of guest lineup, production, and entertainment . An all-around great podcast with something for everyone – especially entrepreneurs.


Masters of Scale

Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of Linked-in hosts the show with a compelling passion for business. Each episode will leave you with great resources that give real ideas and strategies that can be applied to your small business. While his guests are always fascinating, it’s Reid himself that really makes the show worthwhile. Though his guests are usually successful entrepreneurs themselves, you really get the sense that even they are learning from what Reid has to say, often taking notes or probing Reid for ideas and tips to further their ideas. These are top-tier entrepreneurs providing invaluable lessons.


The Tim Ferriss Show

Ever heard of The 4 Hour Work Week? Author Tim Ferriss now spends those 4 hours (and a few more, we suspect) hosting a Podcast. This one is a little more chaotic with much less structure than other Podcasts. Tim likes to talk about what he’s interested in so you may get a business episode or an episode about fitness or food. While this sounds like less of a learning opportunity, trust us that Ferriss brings his business expertise to just about everything he talks about. The diversity can also add some relief to typical all-business style shows bringing a higher entertainment value than some of the others. Be prepared for a bit of chaos as episode length can range from 10 minutes to 2+ hours.


Entrepreneur on Fire

EoFire is one of our absolute favorite podcasts here at Handlr. In fact, our very own founder, Britt Alwerud was a guest on the show. Check it out here! Each episode details the journey of a successful entrepreneur and the trials they faced to get there. This show is all about real, actionable advice that you can bring to your business. Tim asks each guest about their “Ah-ha” moment and how their lives changed from that point on. You’ll come away relieved that others have faced the same struggles and are motivated to get past them.



Andrew Warner takes the usual business podcast and turns it into something more chronical. These episodes involve a lot of storytelling from founders who want to get their message out. While details and actual steps taken are less of a focus, It can be incredible to hear the story of how the worlds top businesses came to be.


GirlBoss Radio

Sofia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal brings a voice to the most powerful and successful women of modern-day. On each episode of the Girlboss Radio, Sophia interviews boundary-pushing women who’ve made their mark on the world of business. These are some of the most honest podcast episodes you’ll come across where many of the guests don’t mind spilling the whole truth. It also makes for one of the more humorous shows on the web. There’s even a Netflix series about Amoruso’s life!


Handling Business Podcast

Now this one is our favorite! Though we might be a bit biased. Handling Business is our own podcast where we interview you, our Handlr business partners about your own journeys on this ride we call entrepreneur-ism. We’ve had some really great guests on the show with some really special stories to learn from. We highly recommend it!


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