Give Yourself and Your Clients the Gift of Easy Booking this Holiday Season

 This holiday season, give yourself and your customers the gift you all truly want – more time. This is the busiest time of year and no one has enough time in the day. Consumers value their time over anything else and gravitate towards businesses that can save them some of that precious resource. It’s the reason delivery services, air travel and just about everything else was invented. To save people time. Handlr allows you to do just that; our easy booking process means customers can book your services in seconds, while our management tools let you focus on the tasks that matter most.


Let’s say your customers contact you directly to book an appointment with your business. Well, that gets pretty hard to manage when your business is expanding, and before the day is over you have hundreds of booking requests in your inbox, texts, voicemails and other channels of communications. By becoming a Handlr Partner, your customers can book you through our Handlr App with ease. They can book a single, last-minute service, or plan out the rest of the year with recurring booking options. All while you manage appointments, team members reports and more right from your own easy-to-use dashboard. Clients can instantly chat within the app with you, and the assigned employee, receive real-time updates and review the service when completed. The team member can send photos and updates about the service to your customer in real-time. And the customer can trust your business that the job is getting done with Handlr’s GPS tracking, they don’t even need to be home! It’s common knowledge that through the course of today, the average consumer will check emails, browse the web, do some holiday shopping, & much more before they head to bed – all from their smartphones. Take advantage of this and give customers one more easy, mobile option to save them time this season. To become a Handlr Partner email us at [email protected] or request a demo at your convenience here!

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