How to Create a Multi Million Dollar per Year Dog Walking Business w/ Lauren Cora

Handling Business Podcast – Lauren Cora

Introducing Handling Business, our new Business Podcast! Each week we will bring you an interview with business owners and industry experts. We’ll ask about their story, drive, techniques and tips that you can bring into your daily operations.

For our very first interview, we’re excited to introduce you to Lauren Cora, the owner and operator of Dogs Deserve It. Founded in 2009, Lauren quickly realized that the pet industry is a huge market with lots of potentials. You could be like and become the #1 dog groomer in your area, offer training services, or, like Cora did, start a dog walking business. She grew the company to employing 70 walkers and five in-house managers taking care of 300-400 dogs per day. Staying at the forefront of the industry has been Lauren’s goal from day one and she’s done just that. Along with introducing staff tracking, Dogs Deserve It was one of the first dog walking businesses to provide its walkers with salary and benefits. Similar to Lauren, who registered her company as an LLC, there are many businesses that could be incorporated and registered as either an LLC or an S-corporation. For the latter, business owners would have to choose to file IRS Form 2553. To know more about the process of how to file form 2553 online for your S-Corp election, you could read up on more about the same through various resources available online.

Nevertheless, in this podcast we’ll ask Lauren what it takes to find and hire a great team, what drives her to innovate, and her secret to keeping customers happy.


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