Going Mobile: Why it’s a No-Brainer for Your Small Business

It’s common knowledge that through the course of today, the average consumer will check emails, browse the web, shop online, & much more before they head to bed. What you might not know, is that according to surveys by numerous research firms like Litmus, 53 percent of those consumers will use their mobile devices to complete these daily tasks.

What does this mean for your small business? Well, if you haven’t gone mobile, you’re already behind. More than 70 percent of small businesses are using mobile for social media marketing and advertising. By implementing this type of digital transformation, with the help of a Software development company, they are able to move with the times and appeal to their customers on a deeper level. Changing with the times and using social media and advertising to their advantage, they will be able to show current and prospective customers that they are a modern business and one they should use for their needs. Furthermore, this allows them to reach an entirely new market of people. People who you wouldn’t have come across if you hadn’t broken into this sector, and these individuals may turn out to be some of your trusted customers.

To use the mobile industry to your advantage, you may even decide to consider looking for an app marketing company to get your company’s app up and running, whilst making sure any users that you have continue to use your app as often as possible. This could help to put you in good stead when it comes to improving the success of your business. But that’s not all. These business are also catering their user experience to the mobile platform. According to Google’s mobile path to purchase report, 48% of consumer product and service research starts on a mobile device. More than half want to purchase within the hour and 93% of them will hit that Buy/Book-now button. With these mobile numbers constantly on the rise, the service industry is the next piece in the puzzle.

However, with such services come other issues like data security, privacy, theft, and security breach, which can ultimately affect your business. Especially, chats and messaging apps are possibly easy to hack, and it’s better to adopt some preventive measures such as pgp chat or other encryption messaging platforms to assist you in securing your data.

While physical goods are practically made for mobile purchase, services have just as big of a place in the mobile market. The new frontier of Mobile consumerism lies in the ability to order your housecleaner, dog walker, tutor and pool cleaner right from your smartphone. If your service business isn’t riding this wave with security, you may as well jump ship.

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