Ch 6. of the Comprehensive Guide for Growing Your Business: Modernize and Invest in Your Brand

It is mission-critical to have a logo that conveys your brand’s look and feel. According to, the company logo is, “the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market.” We couldn’t agree more. For this reason, it is heavily important that you brand your company in a position that aligns with your target market. As much as it is important to have the right kind of visual content (like the ones offered by firms in video production Jacksonville, for instance) focused on your products/services, so is the logo for your brand. Both play a major role in setting your brand apart from your competitors. These are visual first impressions to your customers so, make them count. Another astonishing stat from ConversionXL says, “visual appeal can be assessed within 50 ms” (Laja). That’s a fast assessment! Where does your logo stand on the eye-catching meter? Graphic trends are ever-changing but we do know that resorting to ClipArt, gradient-heavy graphics, and busy elements in a logo add noise when you’re trying to break through the clutter.

Seek a clean, easy-read symbol for your company. You may be interested in looking at companies like GraphicSprings to see how they can best help you with this, so your logo looks professional and unique against your competition.

Nevertheless, if you do not have in-depth knowledge regarding the process of designing simple logos, it might cost you a lot of money. Many businesses tend to consider logo branding as a successful marketing technique because of which it’s necessary to make sure that it’s designed perfectly. You might be charged extra by logo-designing firms for no good reason. That is where a promo code might come in handy. However, for that, you might have to look for logo-designing firms that can offer discount coupons. For instance, you might be able to take advantage of a smashing logo coupon code, if you decide to use the services of firms like SmashingLogo. Remember, this can ensure that you do not spend a fortune while creating a clean and simple logo for your brand.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if your logo is a clear read if it is shrunk down to a 1-inch area. Often times, many businesses strive to include tiny details in their logo that unfortunately, get lost when it’s printed on a business card or other small marketing materials. If your logo needs a bit of a facelift, there are many platforms available to you to solve your problem. You can hire a local graphic designer to create branding and marketing materials for you. 99designs or Canva for Work is commonly used to instantly get a few designs created. and are great options for cost-effective and high-quality marketing materials with a fast overturn rate.

If you have employees, it’s not a bad idea to have matching team shirts made. Even having branded marketing materials like table cloths and tents can help strengthen your brand image amongst customers and team members both. Having a cohesive and unified look across your company on all platforms goes a long way. Paying attention to small details and cleaning up the look of your company positions your business in a better spotlight in consumers’ minds.

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