Sharing Photos to Social Media is Quick & Easy on Handlr

Every part of Handlr was designed to save you time. From our amazing Team Availability calendars to our automated payments, Handlr is the best way to put your business on autopilot and make running your business a breeze. With thousands of customers and small businesses around the country using Handlr every day, we have had a chance to really get to know just how our awesome customer use our software.

It has become clear to us that many of you may not be using all of the features we offer, and may not even know they exist. One of the biggest features being underutilized is the option to share your photos on social media platforms. Doing so is quite simple with Handlr and can be a great way to increase exposure and connect with your customers. Showing current and potential customers photos of how your business operates will give them a better understanding of your daily operations and show them you truly care about what you do.

To share a photo to social media from the dashboard, simply navigate to your Company Profile. From there simply scroll down and choose a recent photo to share. Click the photo and choose one of the sharing options at the bottom. That’s it!

We recommend posting photos at least once a day to all of your social media outlets as consistency is key when it comes to marketing.


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