Did you know? – Quickly creating availability using Handlr

In our recent Feature Highlight we covered how easy it is to share photos to social media using the Handlr platform. This was one of the features that we realized our customers had been under-utilizing, many of whom didn’t know how to access it. After talking with more of our customers, it became clear that this isn’t the only feature many of you need help with. So today we will be highlighting one of our best features that is being under-utilized; the Team Availability Calendar.

This incredible tool allows you to quickly setup each of your team members individual availability in seconds. Whether your team members tell you when they want to work or if you make up their hours, this tool has you covered. Simply click on a day, choose which services that team member can perform and the zip codes they can perform them in. Next select the days of the week they work, a date range, and then finally choose the hours they can work. Select a long enough date range and your team members availability will be set for weeks to come! Many of our customer even set availability for their team members months in advance so they can focus on other aspects of running a successful business like marketing and client acquisition.

Now that you have open availability on your calendar, tell you clients to simply drop themselves into your schedule by booking you on the Handlr App! Now sit back, relax and watch your business run itself!


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