Is a paperless office a better office?

    Advancements in software and a growing concern for the environment have pushed many businesses to go paperless. Going paperless, in addition to helping the environment, can provide huge benefits to your small business, some obvious and some hidden. Those who have taken the dive to all digital can attest to the power and efficiency of utilizing software, similar to FileCenter’s document management software, to automate your daily struggles.

    Accounting and HR have long been an automated process for most larger businesses, and the software has become so inexpensive that even the smallest companies can afford it. Companies like Gusto have you covered there. What about those pieces of paper so important that you legally can’t be paperless? Believe it or not, even legal documents can now be taken care of digitally. Hellosign is a favorite of all of us at Handlr for it’s free service and ease of use. Now instead of mailing out documents or waiting days to meet in person, we can sign documents in a matter of minutes, even if the other party is across the world. What you might ask, about the more day-to-day tasks that require a personal touch?

   Take for instance, the small business owner who spends hours each day, tracking down customer payments, then bringing checks and cash to the bank each week. What could they do with that time if this process was automated? How much could they grow their business with those extra hours each week? Take into account the Business owner who uses up valuable time each day writing out, updating, canceling and re-writing the schedule for each employee. What if this could be done automatically? What if the customers themselves could book appointments without ever calling up? You’d be hard-pressed to find a business owner who wouldn’t eagerly spend that time acquiring customers and increasing revenue.

   But just how feasible is it to get rid of that pesky paper? Removing pen & pad from your daily ritual can be a daunting task for anyone. This is especially true for business owners running a tight shift, where even the slightest deviation can cause hiccups. Well, Handlr was created specifically for the small business that wants to save hundreds of hours that can better be spent growing their business each week. Our FREE software can automate your scheduling, payments, customers and team. Your customers carry the extra cost and will be happy to do so as they gain access to an app that gives your business the same technology as Uber. Customers will pay a few extra dollars to book themselves into your schedule, receive GPS tracking and updates as well as automated payments.

  If you are desperate to go paperless and save yourself thousands of hours next year, but are hesitant about using Handlr, give us a call or schedule a demo today! We are happy to answer your questions and give you a demo of how our software works. 

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