Our favorite places to get branded promo-material (Swag!)

It’s a new year, a fresh start and a new opportunity to sell, sell, sell. In the past, we have given you advice on the best kinds of promotional materials to use for your business. Branded gear or “Swag” can help promote your business in any situation and offer free advertising when put to use. Now that’s all good information, but you might be asking, where do I start? Do I reach out to marketing service providers such as polkadot communications or simply take matters into my own hands and start from the scratch? Which one is more feasible? Recently we were asked about our favorite places to get branded material made, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options.

If you are ready to start promoting your brand with gear but aren’t sure what kind will be best for you, check out our previous post on the subject here: https://myhandlr.com/handlrblog/2016/6/27/10-promotional-branding-materials-that-you-can-order-right-now

Below we have created a list of top sites to help you get the kind of high-quality promo swag your business deserves.

Vistaprint  You’ve probably seen the ads for Vista Print, and although they are a big company, they still offer a huge amount of customization and selection. Even if you decide against other promo gear, having a huge stack of brochures is a must for any small business. Vista Print is a great place to get those!

Just Buttons Don’t let the name fool you, Just Buttons also does stickers, and they do a great job. High quality vinals and stickers are hard to come by. Buttons and stickers can provide a cheap solution for the kind of free advertising that comes from customers wearing your buttons or putting stickers on their cars. Consider this for your next trade show.

Startup ThreadsStartup Threads is a newer company that offers a great solutions for those needing to ship a lot of branded material. Not only will they produce very high quality shirts, but they

RushOrderTees As the name implies, this is a great place to get shirts in a rush. Depending on size, they can get an order out within 3 days which is incredible.

Moo Our favorite place to get unique and beautiful business cards. These are an obvious must for your business. If your old cards are feeling out-dated and tossable (as in potential customers tend to toss them in the trash!) it may be time to get some cards that make your business truly stand out from the crowd.

Lob BONUS – Lob is a mailer service that lets you send branded mail out to mass listings. Use this to reach out to customers in your Neighborhood. Tell them how easy it is to book you on Handlr!

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