Is your website working for you?

At Handlr we pride ourselves in offering the best scheduling, fleet tracking and management software on the market. While these tools will help to grow and automate your business, a great website and a strong online presence are crucial for true success. Our partners at Like Honey Marketing are here to help you develop that imperative side of your small business. Check out what they have to offer below! As well as looking at services such as www.hostiserver.com offers the best webhosting solutions.

Whether you’re running a brick and mortar shop, on-demand service, or e-commerce platform, these days, an online presence is crucial for any business. Not to de-bunk one of your childhood theorems, but people really do judge books by their covers, and in your case, your cover is your website! With recent studies revealing a whopping 97% of consumers searching for local business’ and services online, your website’s role in the overall success of your venture should be your priority. 

Creating a digital footprint for your business in the current competitive space isn’t an opt-in option anymore. Google recently reported that 58% of all Google search queries are done on a mobile device with a whopping 65% of shoppers making purchases with their phones. The fact is, if you aren’t optimized for mobile you’re ultimately losing sales. Research shows that 57 percent of mobile users will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load! 

Check Out Our Tips For Small Business’ Website Success

Hey, Thanks For The Info. Now What? 

Knowing and understanding the value of having current and effective elements will keep your small business website ahead of the rest. We’d love to take a look at what you’re working with! Schedule a free consultation with us HERE to see how we can help you with your ongoing small business website improvement.



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