Back to School, Back to Business

Summer is winding down and for kids everywhere that means back to work. For the rest of us, that means time to work even harder than we have been all summer. If you’ve taken some time off under the sun it can be hard to get back to the grind. But don’t let this time slip by! The back to school season can be one of the most lucrative times in business. While for students it is getting back to school and making the best of the next academic year or highschoolers preparing themselves for the graduation (you can click here for more information) so that they can fly to their dream university next, for parents, however, it’s a different scenario altogether. Between getting kids ready for school and preparing for a winter full of holidays and get-togethers, parents and consumers are extremely busy. Whether they be looking to hire a pest control medford oregon has on offer, or are looking to get help to keep their homes clean and tidy, this is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on this hectic season.

Offering services that save time can seem like a godsend to consumers right now. Take advantage of this, by marketing your services as much as possible to moms and dads on-the-go. For instance, if you have an agency similar to Go Au Pair (that is known to be authorized to execute the Au Pair Program), then this might be the perfect time to market your services. Your services could provide a helping hand to the extremely busy moms and dads. Furthermore, it can help them find an au pair to tend to childcare and household chores. However, before you start marketing your services, you might want to check out the price of hiring au pairs offered by the above-mentioned agency ( and its likes. This will help you to better understand the specific industry and the price at which a family might want to afford an au pair. Furthermore, this can help you to set prices for your agency.

Anyways, remember, your dog walking services or deciding that running a lawn care business is saving them valuable time when it comes to tending to their garden. Your massage business is helping them relax after stressful days, and your house cleaning business is doing the work they simply don’t have time for. Remind your customers as well as potential clients of these facts. Partner with a local school to promote business, sponsor an after-school event or group, even putting flyers up on the local bulletin board with a “Back to school” special can have huge impact. Focus your Fall marketing on this strategy and prepare to reap the rewards. This is also the start of a new “spending season” where consumers are placed in a mindset to buy. Fall is a busy time for working families as they prepare for upcoming holidays amidst the bustle of school and work. Take advantage of this by targeting customer pain-points. What can help ease their work load? What will relieve some stress as we approach these busy holidays? Remember that time is the best commodity you can sell. Customers are very wiling to pay for more time in their day.

Handlr is here to help you take full advantage of the back-to-school potential. Our incredibly easy to use scheduling, team and customer management system is the ideal way to automate your business so you can focus on bringing your service to new, busy customers. Contact us today about getting your business ready for this opportune time of year.

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