How to build a business that gives you the freedom to travel with Kathryn Cockrell

In this week’s episode of the Handling Business Podcast, the fearless Kathryn Cockrell of Happy Hound sits down to tell us that it is possible to own a business, but still hit the road and travel. Kathryn launched her business as a 15 year old after deciding that she wanted to work for herself. At 21 years old, after working 24/7 for many years, Kathryn decided to take the leap and hire a manager so that she could take off on a six week backpacking trip through Europe. She’s also volunteered in South America at a foster program and she has grand plans of more travels. Kathryn’s new big plan is renovating a vintage Airstream trailer to be her mobile office/ home so that she can travel all throughout the U.S. Kathryn guides us through the process of creating a company that can both help others and provide her with income while she travels the world.

In this episode you’ll learn why a healthy business is one that can thrive on its own as well as tips for moving your business towards self sustainability. What’s the key to creating a brand that can survive on its own? Hiring the right management. Kathryn dives into how she avoids mistakes when selecting people to run her business while she travels and why those hires should not always be the kind of people you might think. At the end of the day, everyone wants their business to thrive and grow. So that in the future, while Kathryn is working from her private jet, perhaps booked on Jettly or a similar platform, she can trust her employees working back home are in control of what needs doing.

Kathryn outlines how she plans to maintain her level of involvement with Happy Hound while traveling the country in a customized Airstream. Her confidence in her business will inspire you to get out there and grow your company while this episode of Handling Business will help get you there!


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