Worried about your future? Creative financial planning advice for entrepreneurs with Doug Warren

This week on the Handling Business Podcast we sit down with a true expert in his field, Doug Warren. Doug has been a financial advisor for the last 44 years and has a massive following to prove it. Though he still works with clients one-on-one, Doug has thousands of followers that read his books, attend his training seminars and cling to his every word of advice.

At just 19, he began working as a financial advisor under his father. Years later, Doug has created a name for himself as one of the most trusted advisors in America, hosting seminars at top financial groups around the country, starring in PBS specials about financial planning and even being quoted alongside Warren Buffet and Jack Bogle in Tony Robins best-selling book Money, Master the Game.

Many of our listeners are so wrapped up in their businesses that it can be difficult to even think about retiring, but the importance of having a solid plan in place should not be taken lightly. Even if you’re under the age of 65, you should still be thinking about contacting a Retirement Planning Mandurah company (or a similar company local to your area.) Life can change quickly and before you know it, you’ll be collecting your pension and leaving your job! If they haven’t already starting planning their retirement, then they need to start thinking about their retirement planning process as soon as possible. That’s why we wanted to bring you this very special episode; Doug lends us unbiased advice as we discuss how entrepreneurs should think about retirement planning and what you can do differently to have more confidence in your post-career life. Being an ex-entrepreneur can make the prospect of living at one of the totv retirement communites seem like a false fallacy. However, with the right advise you will realise it is well within your grasp. We’ll discuss the different types of retirement accounts, why you shouldn’t consider these “investments” as well as the importance of considering taxes both presently and in the future when selecting your route of retirement. This roth ira calculator would be very helpful to anyone currently planning how they are going to approach retirement from a financial perspective. We ask Doug about compound interest, the ideal plan for business owners and why having access to your retirement money as an entrepreneur is so vital.

Most importantly we talk about how it’s so important to be building a business that you can sell or a business that you can keep as passive income so that you can retire with a comfortable salary. Invest in yourself, your business and your future. Listen now and start your path to retirement!


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