The Fear of Failure vs The Fear of Success

Have you ever paused along your journey as an entrepreneur and thought, “This would be so much easier if I had someone to guide me?” You’re not alone, every business owner wishes for a mentor to help make those tough decisions or point them in the right direction. Erica Gomez is that person. Erica is a business coach who has helped countless small business owners get past their fears and realize their true potential. Since 2011, Erica has been helping entrepreneurs find their way while simultaneously running her own pet sitting business, hosting productivity workshops, and caring for her family.  

This week Erica brings her experience to our show and talks about the many things she’s learned over the years while operating Whoa Doggy! and For The Love of Business. Our favorite talking point of the show? The fear of success. While we all know that fear of failure is a very real and terrifying constant in any business owner’s life, we may not realize that fear of success can be just as constricting. The fear of success and ultimately, the fear of change, can hinder foresight and make us weak.  

We ask Erica about other common limitations in an entrepreneur’s life, as well as the steps she recommends to move past them. She shares some of her top tips, usually reserved for her clients, just for our Handling Business listeners. Don’t miss out on this incredible Podcast!



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