An interview with our Founder!

This week we turn our Podcast on its head! You may remember episode 5 when we interviewed the amazing Kathryn Cockrell. After that interview, Kathryn stayed on the phone with our founder Brittany to dive even deeper into the conversation. Kathryn was so impressed with Britt’s story that she asked if she could play host on this week’s episode and interview Britt! We loved the idea here at Handlr and quickly set up a date.  

Kathryn does an incredible job hosting Handling Business as she asks Britt to tell her story from the beginning. What drove Brittany to develop Handlr? Where did she start her career and how did she discover the small business void that Handlr helps to fill? From her humble beginning walking dogs and tutoring students to her entrepreneurial journey with every win and loss in between, Britt tells all.

Have you had questions about Handlr? We promise they will all be answered in this podcast. You’ll learn how our software was designed to save you thousands of hours, grow exponentially and allow you time to work on your business, not for it. Check it out below!



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