Handlr Feature Highlight – Automated Scheduling and Requests

    For the coming weeks on the Handlr Blog we’ve decided to explore each of our unique features in-depth to bring you an understanding of the power Handlr can bring to your business. Each blog post will highlight one of our incredible tools and how it can better your brand. This week, we’ll cover the Handlr automated scheduling and requests system. To learn more about how you can let your schedule run itself, read on below!

    As a service business, managing your schedule can be challenging enough, but without the proper tools (such as https://www.leadjig.com/appointment-setting-services-for-financial-advisors/), it can be unbearable. If your customers call or email you every time they need to book an appointment, have a question about your schedule or need to make a cancellation, we know your pain. Managing your schedule based on phone tag and back-and-forth emails is not only difficult but extremely inefficient. Manually creating your schedule each day by phone and emails gets pretty hard to manage when your business is expanding, and before the day is over you have hundreds of booking requests in your inbox, texts, voicemails and other channels of communications. With Handlr, you’ll never waste time scheduling again. Set-it and forget-it availability is one of Handlr’s best features, allowing you and your staff to create open spots for clients to book using the customer app, or fill them yourselves using the management dashboard. This easy-to-use scheduling tool lets you customize everything from what times and dates each staff member is available for, to which services and zip codes they can perform in. Know your employees schedules? Spend 3 minutes on the Handlr dashboard and set up their availability for the next week, month or year – It’s that simple. Maybe you’ve already created your availability but need to add to or change it – a few clicks and you’re good to go. Once you have availability set up, add customers to appointments yourself, or let clients drop themselves right into your schedule using the customer app. The Handlr system knows your staff availability and will automatically calculate the best team member to book for each job. If your customer doesn’t see a time that works for them, they can easily request unavailable times for your approval. Handlr will send you notifications with the requested details and let you choose to approve or deny the request with one click. Automate your daily operations and let your clients book themselves or take more control and let customers request the times they want. Handlr gives you the power to automate your business while always being in the know.

    The true value of Handlr comes from the tools we give your customers. In this age of on-demand, instant consumer gratification, customers expect a business to provide quick and easy ways to book, buy and pay. Apps like Uber have given consumers a taste of how modern tech can improve the way we purchase every-day services. Now with Handlr, you can give your clients that same great technology, without having to build it yourself. The freedom to book at their convenience, request specific dates, pay automatically and review each service gives clients everything they want at the tip of their fingers. Not into letting customers book on-demand? No problem, you can easily set up Handlr to only take requested appointments. Accept or deny these requests at your convenience and stop spending your days frantically updating your schedule. Give your customers the freedom they want without giving up control of your business.

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