Handlr Feature Highlight – Customer and Team Apps

This week, in the Handlr Feature Highlight series, we’ll cover the Handlr team and customer apps. To learn more about how you can give your customers and staff the tools they really want read below!

Handlr provides powerful apps for your clients and staff alike to bring your business into the modern era. Easy to use apps for IOS and Android allow your staff and customers to stay connected and access their appointments instantly. 

Trust us; your customers love their smartphones, and they use them for everything. Today alone they’ll check emails, messages, browse the web, social media and book things like restaurant reservations and movie tickets, all with a few taps. Why not bring your business to their fingertips? Sign up for Handlr and your customer can see your open availability and request times they don’t see, all from their smartphones. They’ll get updates on their appointment status, receive chats, check-in/out notifications and even GPS track your staff. They’ll store a credit card on the app and pay you instantly on check-out. No more sending staff to collect checks. They’ll love how easy it is to interact with you and your staff and the peace of mind they get from knowing exactly when and where their appointment starts. They can leave reviews after each service and even provide you with notes about their home, pet or child. All of this is available to Handlr customers, simply by downloading the Handlr app and booking with your business. Give clients the same technology as the big guys, without the cost of building it yourself.

Give your customers the power they want with the Handlr app – the ability to book an appointment with just a few taps. Automated payments, access to your availability, request un-open times, GPS tracking, 3-way chat, instant updates, photos and much more. The Handlr app is the technology your customers crave, saving them time and giving your business the edge over competition.


The free Handlr Team app lets your team members know exactly where they’re supposed to be throughout the day. With instant updates, notifications, GPS directions, chat and check-in/out. Your staff will become more efficient than you ever thought possible. The schedule tool keeps them updated as things change throughout the day. If a new appointment is booked, edited or cancelled, they’ll be updated on the-fly and in the field as to changes in their schedule. As they check in and out of each job, you’ll also be notified letting you track their progress and always be sure that they made it to their appointment and finished on time. Staff can quickly send photos or updates to customers via the chat system, and you’ll always be included in the conversation. This gives clients a constant peace of mind even if they’re out of town. Give your team the tools they need to conquer your town and provide the best possible experience to your customers with Handlr.

To learn more about how Handlr can help your business feel free to contact us at [email protected] or schedule a demo here.

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