Ch 7. of the Comprehensive Guide for Growing Your Business: Update & Mobilize

One of our biggest tips for hiring a web designer is to make sure they know how to design an amazing website for both desktops AND optimize it for mobile devices. Believe it or not, smartphones are taking precedence as the source of finding information these days. According to Google’s research, it was revealed that in many countries including the United States, more consumers search for information on mobile devices than on computers. So when it comes to your small business, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that you’d want to get mobilized because it means your business’ information is easy to find.

What is it exactly?

A mobilized website means that the website’s information is reformatted to appropriately display on a phone screen. This way, it makes information easier to digest and makes key information easy to find without having to scroll up and down and zoom in and out.

Why do I want to mobile optimize my business’ website?

We get it, it’s another thing to put on your long list of things to tackle. But providing an easier way for your customers to get information is a direct correlation to increased sales, brand engagement and trust – who doesn’t want that? Another Google statistic revealed, “Mobile conversion rates have shot up by 29% in the last year.” Consumers are turning to their smartphones to make informed decisions more now than ever, so invest in updating your site now rather than play catch up. In addition, it’s a great way to differentiate your business. A recent survey showed that only 56% of small business websites are responsive. What does that mean? Optimizing your website puts you ahead of more than half the game. Here’s the icing on the cake: Having an optimized website is a great representation of your brand and positions it as positive and contemporary. So, better get in touch with an SEO Company that can get your website optimized for better search results and more clients! It’s an all-around win.

How do I get mobilized?

Well, there’s many options. But we’ll admit it, we have a love affair going on with SquareSpace. It makes building a website beyond easy and depending on the template chosen, it’s automatically built-in that your squarespace website will be responsive.

If you’ve got the technical skills, getting a mobilized website could even be free! There’s lots of free resources on the web that will teach anyone how to make a mobilized website with a little coding involved. If coding isn’t your forte, hiring a local web developer might just be the way to go but it will cost time and money.

Things to Remember

Invest a little time and effort to mobilize your small business’ website. It’s a great way to stay on top of the trends in which consumers are making purchasing decisions. And if you have taken the time to look at how chad kimball google maps course can help you when it comes to implementing methods that will help to boost your online presence and profitability, then all of the hard work that you have put into these areas will all feel worth it. Not forgetting that providing an easier way to find more information about your business yields positive brand engagement, increased sales and differentiates your brand.

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