Ch 4. of the Comprehensive Guide for Growing Your Business: Organize & Automate

There’s no question about it. Running a business is more than just a full-time profession. It’s a physical and mental rollercoaster you signed up for. But simultaneously, you find it so rewarding and there’s nothing more liberating than being your own boss. Well, some key things to keep in mind as your business expands is to organize and automate as much as possible. This is why embracing new techniques for businesses is a great way to go when looking to optimize your business. Let loose the reigns of mundane tasks that you shouldn’t have to worry about – so you can do more! Move on to the more pertinent tasks like bringing on more staff to your team, meetings with investors, or put some time into figuring out opportunities of improvement. Ask yourself these questions and strategize how to organize and automate.

Can your business run without you?

Owning a business and seeing it come to fruition is a great success in itself. But if you’re like all the entrepreneurs we’ve encountered, you probably have a million+1 other ideas you’d like to initiate. It starts with automating your current business. Do you need better software to handle your business needs? You should click here if you are yet to be enlightened on the merits of what software can do for your business. Some businesses might like to create their own software, whilst others might not have the experience or time to perfect this software. If that’s the case, those businesses can always contact a trusted software development company to create this software for them. Hopefully, that will increase productivity for the business. Additionally, can you make more time for yourself by hiring an assistant manager? The goal is to get your business to take flight high enough to the point where you can sit back and rake in the rewards. Find the best solutions to make your business run without you. You can now monitor these software packages that allow your business to practically “run itself” with saas monitoring tools like these, so now you should never experience downtime, and any technical issues should be resolved much quicker compared to how it would have been pre-monitoring.

Write down a list of all of your biggest roadblocks.

What are your biggest pain points? How can you solve these with software solutions? Do you find yourself bouncing between several software programs and platforms to perform one task? Are you annoyed that your business bank account is increasingly decreasing with these recurring monthly payment plans? It’s quite a humdrum of a task to sit there and define your roadblocks but we pinky swear, identify these obstacles now and it will be easier to figure out ways how to overcome them and grow your business.

Do you have a modern mobile business software? If you already have a scheduling, CRM, and payments platform, does it do everything that a modern system can do?

Over the course of several years, we’ve interviewed hundreds of mobile business owners and surprisingly, many of them had the same problems. They couldn’t track their staff members who were working out in the field, spent too much time dealing with too much paperwork (printing staff schedules, purchase orders, invoices), maintaining customer relations was mind-bogglingly complex, getting paid by customers was an episode of Tazmanian Devil and RoadRunner, the list goes on. If you encounter these problems on a daily basis with your business, it’s long overdue to get your business on software and technology that’s up to date.

Check out Handlr to put your whole business on auto-pilot.

We don’t mean to toot our own horn but, we’re quite f@#$ing awesome. Our all-in-one platform allows you to put your business on autopilot so you can move on to the next big thing. If moving on isn’t on your agenda, our dashboard management system makes running your business as seamless as possible so you can simply…relax! Have you checked out all the solutions we offered? Have you seen Handlr in action? Request a live demo to see the magic unfold.

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